Coolest Nail Art Trends You Need To Try This Summer

Summer shades are all about fun. We see everyone busting out their brightest shades on their nails. So, in addition to looking up summer makeup looks, you will also take a peek at the newest summer nail trends. Every girl likes to refresh the nail’s color palette as the season changes, and when it comes to gel nail extensions, every other girl wants to try something new. So, put away those red, blue, and all dark winter shades and switch to these sunny and summery nail trends. 

Get your nail extensions and try these trendy summer nail ideas 2022

1. Multi-Colored Nails

This is the “take me back” nail trend when we used to paint each nail with a different color during school days. You will be thrilled by this summer nail look. You can also stick with a single color or can go with the rainbow vibe by painting each nail with a different color. It really excites me!

2. Matte Finish for Summer

Looking for a trendy idea for your gel nail extensions? What’s better than a matte look? Pick up a matte topcoat and wipe it over your glitter or glossy nail polish. And if you want something different, leave one or two nails shiny for a mixed-texture look. Get this nail look by Adore Nails and Spa.

3. Neon Nail Trend 

Neon shades like pink and green make me think of popsicles and pool parties. Isn’t it? Please pick up a neon shade and go with it for a trendy summer look. To add more firmness, grab some nail tape and use them to create lines across the middle nail and leave the other nails as it is.

4. Beautiful Ombre Nails 

If you are a girl who loves to wear tie-dye clothing, then you’re going to love this ombre look. Picture yourself in a purple and blue tie-dye sweatshirt with these pink and blue ombre nails. Loving it, right? I think I just found your perfect summer vibe. You can switch up to different colors as they are customizable. You can also go with Gel F for this look. Try this look on your nail extensions with us.

5. Muted Colors for Perfect Vibe

Summer means bright and neon shades, right? If you are thinking this too, then maybe you are wrong. This summer, go for some muted colors paired up with soft pastels. You are going to love it. Also, you can try different shapes of nails and gel nail extensions at Adore Nails and Spa. Trust me on this. These muted colors have their own vibe.

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