Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Nail Extensions

Fresh-looking nails are perfect to complete any look, but it is crucial to take proper care of your nail extensions so that they can last long. Mostly we forget about the aftercare of extensions while being busy showing off our new nails. It can be disappointing to get a fresh pair of nails only to chip after a few days. The time of lasting extensions also depends on the quality of work, but you should try your best aftercare tips to make them last longer. 

Is there any feeling better than getting a fresh pair of nails? Who would have not wanted to make them last longer? Here are some tips on keeping your extensions look fresh:

Tips To Make Your Nail Extensions Last Longer

While you cannot do the work of a nail technician, you can make sure to keep your nails gorgeous until your next fill with these tips.

1. Treat Them Gently

Treating your nail extensions is the first rule of taking care of them gently. This means taking the opportunity to behave like a diva by avoiding opening hard cans or doing things that can break your nail extensions. Try to avoid lifting anything heavy with your beautiful nails. 

2. Top Coat Applications

You can make your fresh nails last longer by considering getting a top coat of gel polish. Some of the best nail salons in Essex Junction offer to get a top coat on acrylic extensions. It would help them to last longer. Ask your nail tech; they can give you more relevant information on the top coat application. 

3. Don’t DIY 

If you are thinking of clipping your nail extension, applying a top coat, or filling your extensions, then we would recommend reconsidering your decision. Don’t try anything complicated at home; it can damage your nail and skin. Ask your nail technician before you decide to do something yourself at home. 

4. Avoid Acetone

Acrylic extensions don’t go well with Acetone. Certain chemicals like Acetone are definitely one of them. Also, avoid exposure to heat and turpentine. Talk to your nail tech if you are confused about using any chemical. Get your extensions done at ADORE NAILS AND SPA. Our experts will guide you in everything you need to know about your extensions. 

5. Use Vitamin E

If you have dry skin, then you will probably have dry cuticles. Using vitamin E or shea butter daily will help your nails be hydrated. You can get any cuticle cream that contains vitamin E and apply it to nails. However, for most people, one application per week would be sufficient. Avoid getting lotion between your nails and extensions. 

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