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Nail extension is a new way of making your nails look pretty and has become a trend. With such increasing popularity in nail extensions, folks love to get quality manicures for more natural-looking nails. It allows you to create long and beautiful nails despite your nail structure. Thus to cater to such demand, a nails salon in Essex Junction, VT, offers an array of different nail extension designs and art to choose from. Some of the most popular ones are acrylic, fiberglass, silk wrap, hard gel, and more. 

Different Nail Extensions To Choose From

All types of nail extensions have their uniqueness, and it is upon you to choose and decide the right one for you, depending on your requirements. However, we can help you by listing some of the best nail extension types you might consider; continue reading this blog to learn more.

1. Hard Gel Extensions

Gel nails extension is also popular as natural nail overlays as these polish manicures can naturally penetrate the nails. These extensions allow for a more natural long nail since it is thicker and more flexible. The consistency of the gel resembles a very thick varnish. The varnish is applied in a few layers and then cured under a UV/LED lamp to set effectively. Hard gels are done on forms or tips.

2. Polygel Or Acrygels Extensions

It is a new type of nail extension that combines the benefits of both hard gel and acrylic extensions. It is used to build nail extensions, strengthen your natural nails or fix a broken nail. Moreover, you can get the perfect nail art on such extensions using contrasting nail polish. This extension can be sculpted using forms, tips, or dual forms. While opting for the dual forms, the product is applied inside the form and then pressed against the nail.

3. Acrylic Extensions

Acrylic extensions are formed by a base of monomer liquid mixed with a polymer powder. The gel is then applied onto the natural nails and dries up by itself, not requiring any UV/LED light. Such extensions are suitable for individuals with weak or broken nails as they tend to strengthen them due to their strong acrylic bonds. The extensions can be built on forms or any plastic nail tip at the nails salon.

4. Dip Powder

Dip powder is a coating that is used for short extensions. It is hard to build on the nail bed and correct nail structure, and it is recommended to be used as a natural nail overlay. It primarily consists of resin, powder, and an activator. It is suitable for those who have allergic reactions to other nail products. The tech expert of acrylic nails in Essex Junction, VT, dips the nails into the powder allowing them to create a stunning manicure without the need for gel polish or any nail varnish.

5. Express Nails

Express Nails are the fastest way to get nail extensions. These extensions are created by applying a gel onto the tip and slightly pressing it onto the nail and are then cured by UV/LED light. It resembles how stick-on fake nails are applied; however, they are more durable because a gel is used instead of glue. These extensions are also available in pre-made shapes and lengths.

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Nail extensions don’t cost you more; you also need to wait for any special occasion to get them done. ADORE NAILS AND SPA brings you all the different kinds of nail extensions and also offers manicures, pedicures, and other spa services to feel fresh. Contact us to get as many different nail art designs at our nails salon from which you can choose the best for yourself.